Rook & Raven Gallery Opening, London

Last night I had the pleasure of attending the opening of Rook & Raven, a new alternative contemporary art gallery in SoHo, the heart of London's creative hub. I walked into a beautiful gallery filled with some of London's most artistic (and well dressed, might I add) young crowd. Waiters walked through the crowd serving fresh sushi on paint palettes, a bar in the back offered beer and champaign, and the crowd admired the art under the unique lighting it was displayed in. The gallery's opening exhibition, "You Rest, You Rust" displayed  pieces from four artists: DAIN, Dale Marshall, Daniel Lumbini, and Penny. My favorites were New York based, DAIN, and neurosurgeon turned artist, Penny. DAIN's artwork reminded me of the works of pop-art icon, Andy Warhol. Bright colors, and some pop culture elements. You could spot some familiar faces in DAIN's collages. Angelina Jolie and Britney Spears' faces both appeared in the works he displayed at the Rook & Raven gallery. It was young and fun and definitely something I would love to see hanging in my apartment. I also really enjoyed Penny's artwork. Penny had different images on top of dollar bill backgrounds. My favorite piece that he featured was 'Cloud One', a classic image of an angel kissing another angel with a dollar bill plastered background. In a time when everyone's mind is on money, it makes perfect sense in a contemporary art gallery. 

Today the gallery opened to the public. If you live in London, I strongly suggest you take a look inside Rook & Raven.