Fashion's Night Out 2012: Street Style

I'm going to be straight up and say it: Fashion's Night Out in New York has become an absolute circus. I went to the first Fashion's Night out in 2009. It was fun, yet tame, and it was all about showing your love for fashion and the industry. Unfortunately, like a lot of things in the United States, Fashion's Night Out has now become more of a "Who can throw the biggest and craziest event" or "Who can get the best celebrity to come out"? It's not even really about the fashion industry anymore and I know that most companies aren't even profiting from the event. That said, I did end up going. My good friend, Andrea, and I decided not to chase celebrities or free gifts but kind of just meander around SoHo. Although that part of the city was insane, we actually quite enjoyed ourselves. Our favorite stop was one you wouldn't expect- Lean Cuisine. Yes, the frozen food. How did they participate? Lean Cuisine had a food truck that was cooked and gave out mushroom ravioli. They also gave out water bottles, which was great for the very humid night, as well they gave really cute painted tote bags with skinny cow snacks inside. They also had a photo booth and make up touch up station. Needless to say they had a lot going on, but they did an excellent job of targeting a specific audience and I think it worked!

Another thing I enjoyed at Fashion's Night Out was the amount of well dressed people. Of course everyone knows that there's photographers, bloggers, and writers scouring the city for these people so most tend to step up their game, but the results were still great. Here are some of the street style photographs I snapped and I will have some more, as well as fashion week pictures, up on my tumblr this coming week. 


  1. Oh i know what you mean about it being about who can throw the craziest event and attract more people through celebrities and etc. A bit sad I think... but glad you had a nice time , and absolutely love the style of the people you photographed! So many amazing and unique people at FNO! Wish I could of went this year.. well maybe next year I will!


  2. I'm surprised about the LC booth but that's really a great idea. And those people all have such wacky outfits! Not that it's bad, but I like how you didn't photograph the stereotypical. Nice post and photos :)