Kate & Johnny

"They were [seemingly] perfect together."

This post serves as a quick note on love, not to be confused with a love note, but rather more of an informative message on the emotional state of being heavily enamored. As I write this it's nearing midnight. My late night epiphany writing developed from the aftermath of catching myself in the act of procrastination; scrolling through old photographs of a young Kate Moss on tumblr. I suddenly stopped scrolling as I saw an image of Moss and former boyfriend, actor, Johnny Depp, and ostensibly felt compelled to further inspect. Wow, I thought to myself, they were really an incredible looking pair. This sudden recognition lead me to spend a shameful amount of time further researching the couple. Hours passed as I looked through more photographs, viewed youtube videos, and read numerous articles and interviews. To me, Kate and Johnny seemed so perfect together. Although, seemed, is really the key word here.

It's hard not to adore the images of the two stars together- Johnny Depp, a talented and amazingly handsome actor, and Kate Moss, undoubtedly our generation's most iconic fashion model. They were together for four years, working red carpets, photo shoots, and the entertainment industry's hearts. What happened? I'm not so sure, but they broke up and that was the end of that. The idea of them parting briefly saddened me until I caught the feeling and got back to my senses. We live in a celebrity driven society that becomes attached to certain famous couples- Nick & Jessica, Justin & Britney, Brad & Jennifer, to name a few; and when they don't work out we obsess about it for years on end, sometimes wishing they'd get together again.

The thing is- none of us really know what their love was actually like. It could have been for publicity, it could have been for financial reasons, it could have just been for the hell of it. The bottom line is that we really never know and have absolutely no right too. In our real lives we get upset when hearts break, when a match seemed perfect or conversely, when a couple stays together when on the exterior they don't appear to make much sense. What we don't always acknowledge is the fact that, like Rihanna and Chris Brown's recent duet makes note of, "It ain't nobody's business...but mine and my baby." Only the two people involved in the connection know what really went on between them, what they really felt for each other, what their love actually was. So maybe that's the answer to Rihanna and Chris Brown, to Bill and Hilary, and Posh and Becks. Sometimes love conquers all, at times it's blind, but all in all it really just ain't nobody's business.

photos via: tumblr


  1. La prima è stupenda !!! Kiss

  2. Yes they were a gorgeous couple. I read somewhere that Johnny said he wasn´t good for her :)


  3. They were great and beautiful together!!
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