Under Construction

After nearly 6 years of using blogspot and trying to find my identity on the internet, I've finally settled on a niche. That niche is being an honest, educated, and constantly inspired Sarah Mendelsohn, who has changed quite a bit from the 16 year old blogger who founded A Hit of Sarah amidst the Ugg boots and Northface jackets of American suburbia. My voice and taste has evolved as has the content I want to publish with my name on it. So, I want a new platform to reflect that.

I'm excited to share the outcome mid June. Stay tuned and many thanks for supporting this platform for so many years despite it's change with my coming of age. 

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  1. Ohhh I can´t wait to see what changes you make!!! Change is always good and fun!

    I was just going through some of your Top Posts from 2012 in your profile at http://www.leguidenoir.com/sarah-mendelsohn . So cool!!! It´s good to see you and your blog grow and change over the time.