Adventures in Sea Cliff

If you've been following my blog for a while you'll know that I'm originally from a small town an hour outside of New York City. Sea Cliff, is a small picturesque neighborhood (in fact it's only one square mile) by the Long Island Sound. Growing up there there wasn't much to do during the colder seasons, but the village became alive in the summertime. There are beautiful views of the water and numerous parks, nice little shops and eats, and an abundance of musical performances on the beach. This past week I took my best friend, Rachel Gottieb, there for the first time and here is what we found...

I figured the best way to show Rachel, Sea Cliff was to take her on a long walk. I used to take this route while living there. I would also bring my dog with me and put my head phones on while walking through the village and enjoying the beautiful scenery. It was always a relaxing and enjoyable walk. Taking Rachel on this walk we found many beautiful flora. Rachel decided that her hat would look great on a bush of brilliantly red flowers...and it did.

Along with the beautiful scenery Sea Cliff is also home to some one of a kind quirky shops, including a wonderful vintage store called "Old Bag". Formerly known as Retro Now, Old Bag is filled with amazing vintage clothing, jewelry and accessories as well as some contemporary pieces. We found some great things at Old Bag including a simple, yet very sweet, delicate, vintage white dress. Potentially the perfect wedding dress, Rachel and I gawked over this dress all day. Along with the dress, I found a vintage men's suit detailed with hand beaded bows. It's too bad we weren't bridal stylists, we would've found a fashionable couple the perfect attire for their wedding.

And of course what is a walk through a beautiful village without an impromptu photo shoot? Rachel thought that these vine covered cement stairs would be the perfect set. Here is she is wearing a sculpted black vintage hat, handmade brown iridescent mandarin collar sleeveless top, tan voluminous skirt by Amy Claire, and black leather platform shoes by Steve by Steve Madden.

All photographs by me, Sarah Mendelsohn. To see more check out my tumblr: herbeautyispoetic


  1. What a charming town!!

    I've always wished I had the patience for vintage shopping, but I rarely stay long enough to find the gems. I really need to give it another try though. Those pieces you found are so pretty.

    Looks like a lovely day...

  2. Sea Cliff is beautiful! LOVE the photoshoot and pics you captured. Thanks for sharing :)