Pride 2012

New York City has one of the largest Pride parades in the world. Yesterday was my first attending the parade, which is quite surprising because I've lived in New York for most of my life. It's even more surprising because this parade is one of the biggest parades in the entire city. It starts from noon and lasts all the way into the evening and covers a good portion of Manhattan's west side. I even struggled getting into work yesterday because 5th avenue was madness, not that I was upset by it, the parade was so wonderful that getting through 5th avenue was well worth the struggle.

My best friend, Rachel (of I watch the Roses of the Day Grow Deep), used her design talents to create a unique colorful neon striped leotard with detachable skirt that she paired with neon orange fishnet tights, pom pom hair accessories and bright, colorful makeup. She was a big hit at the parade and we couldn't walk for more than couple of minutes without someone stopping to take a picture of her.

In the sea of jubilant faces and rainbow colored clothing I saw so much beauty. The individuals who marched in the Pride Parade came from all walks of life. There were religious groups, government institutions, and even individuals who came all the way from foreign countries because they were forbidden to show gay pride in their home lands. This year marked the anniversary of Gay Marriage being legalized in New York and you could see the happiness this brought to the people in this city and others at this parade. I felt so proud to live in a state where you can be whoever you want to be and love whoever you want to love. Freedom is bliss and I thank god I live in New York every day.

See more pictures from Pride NYC 2012 on my tumblr.


  1. how amazing and fun!!! LOVIN' ths post!!!

  2. Beautiful pictures :) Im rally glad I had the chance to be in NY during the parade a few years ago...and it was amazing!
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