A few days ago I wrote a post on the up and coming British designers Ostwald Helgason. I praised them for their uniqueness and originality and their ability to be recognized in the fashion industry so quickly in their company's lifetime. Today, I will introduce an even younger brand, with colorful designs in interesting fabrics and textures that will definitely have you craving them. 

Natargeorgiou was founded just two years ago in 2010 by Greek Cypriots, Dimos Natar and Andreas Georgiou. Again, like Ostwald Helgason, this brand was the creation of two talented designers. Last year the brand presented it's first collection during Paris Fashion Week at Carroussel Du Luvre at Tranoi. Since then the design duo has been featured in publications and magazine editorials world wide.

Looking at their unique creations you can see why this brand rose to fame so quickly. Their intricate designs utilize hand beading, a multitude of brilliant colors, figure flattering shapes and have a fashion forward luxury look to them. Along with the beauty of their designs, their campaigns have emulated the same colorful brilliance as their collections. Check out their most recent campaign below featuring their dresses in front of a beautiful multicolored background of tropical exotic birds. Unfortunately this brand is only available in parts of Asia and in California. I hope Natargeorgiou comes to New York soon!


  1. Gorgeous pics! Love their dresses!!

  2. Great read, beautiful pictures