Lorry Newhouse SS2013

I wore many different hats this fashion week- from covering a show for my blog, to working at Milk Studios for New York Magazine, to helping a publicist with a show. I had fun doing all of them, but working in PR was definitely one that required the most work but yielded the most rewards. This season I assisted Jen Raines of Jennifer Raines PR with guest list and show preparations for Lorry Newhouse's spring/summer 2013 collection presentation. 

With only a few collections under her belt, artist turned fashion designer, Lorry Newhouse, is still relatively new to the fashion game. However, her work doesn't show that at all. Newhouse has been getting accolades from fashion bloggers, magazine editors and buyers nation wide...and after seeing her most recent collection it's easy to see why.

Lorry Newhouse's spring collection was filled with grace, elegance and beauty- floor length pastel colored organza skirts, delicate ballet pink and canary yellow dresses, feminine two piece pant suits. You could easily wear any of these pieces for tea time with the Queen. The entire collection exudes this feminine elegance and beauty that is not present in most modern day American collections. Overall, I was very pleased with her work and loved the presentation.

The presentation was also different then most New York Fashion Week Shows. It took place friday evening from four to seven at a beautiful space in an amazing building on Central Park West. We had flowers everywhere, including the pink backdrop for the presentation. Attendees came and went as they pleased and many left with rave reviews. This was a much more relaxed show environment then any of the other shows I went too and it allowed the guests to really spend the time to look and appreciate the collection and work that went into it. I wish more designers had presentations like this one.

It was an absolute pleasure being able to be a part of the process of putting together a fashion week presentation and I can't wait to see what Lorry Newhouse will have coming up for the next season. What do you think of her work? Check out my tumblr for more pictures from the presentation.


  1. omg why has no one commented on this post yet? these are so incredibly beautiful. i love the pastels, lace, and the slight bounce to all of these pieces!

  2. I LOOOOVE this last dress (It's perfect) and those sunnies in the third picture!

  3. all the dresses are so nice. style is so wonderful .
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  4. how absolutely insanely gorgeous!!! I am in love with these designs. xo

  5. Those sunglasses and jacket on the third picture have now entered my wish list. NEED THEM NOW.