Travel Diaries: Tel-Aviv, Israel

If you're a fan of A Hit of Sarah on facebook than you probably already know that I recently came back from a trip to Israel in which I attended Tel-Aviv Fashion Week. This event was Tel-Aviv's second annual fashion week in nearly thirty years. It was such an honor to be able to be a part of it and to witness such budding talent, creativity and group excited for what the event meant to country and the industry as a whole. I will be putting out a lot of content on this event through out the week, but wanted to first briefly describe my time in Tel-Aviv.

My trip to Tel-Aviv began with short visits to beautiful sites close to the city. I spent some time in other Israeli cities like Haifa, Acco and Jersualem- where I also got to eat a delicious dinner with my relatives. 

In fact delicious food was something I had throughout my entire stay in Israel. I enjoyed every single meal I had, but what I loved most in Tel-Aviv was the sea food; it was the most delicious succulent, and best tasting fish I ever had in my life. 
* Some spots in the city you should definitely hit when visiting: Social Club, Italian Station, Manta Ray, Bellini.

Although I went on this trip on my own I met a lot of great people from around the world during my stay. Kira Stachowitsch, editor-in-chief of both Indie Magazine and Material Girl Magazine, was my partner in crime throughout the trip. We dined together, shopped together, partied together, got lost in the city, hit on by strange men and got rained on together. She's a lot of fun and quite the inspiring young woman. Was also able to spend some time getting to know the fabulous Denis Desro of Elle Canada and stunning Anja Tranninger of Flair Austria. Below the four of us are pictured sitting front row, this photograph being the only serious one we took out of a million. Good times continued dancing in gay clubs, watching drag queens perform Little Mermaid songs, and enjoying drinks with the always charming, David of Dandy Diary, and Arturo of Fashion Daily TV.

Of course the main purpose of this trip was to see fashion shows produced by Israeli talents and there was plenty of that. There was the opening night presented by guest of honor, Moschino, that included runway presentations of both their spring mens and women's collections as well as a special show with their iconic archive pieces, a cocktail reception and after party. The following days were consumed with show after show of unique collections presented by Israeli designers.

It was a great trip. The only unfortunate thing about it was what ensued the day after I left. My heart goes out to those affected by the missile launches in Tel-Aviv, Jerusalem and the rest of Israel. The Israeli people were wonderful to me and I appreciate their hospitality and all of the greatness they had to offer. You are in my thoughts and praires. Thank you so much.

* More photographs from the trip will be on my tumblr this week. More posts and articles will also be coming up so stay tuned! I'll be putting out updates on both facebook and twitter.