Agenda NYC 2013

Last week I had the pleasure of attending Agenda, one of the most notable street wear trade shows in the states, to support the artists of HY.GEN.IC. Along with viewing HY.GEN.IC's two live art installations from start to finish I also had the opportunity to discover the latest collections of numerous amazing brands. 82 Mercer was filled with snapbacks in a variety of styles and colors, interesting graphic t-shirts, amazing printed pull overs, trousers, and an array of unique accessories. The overwhelming amount of cool apparel was paired with installations with both viewing and mental stimulation. It was definitely a good time for everyone there.

This trade show season HY.GEN.IC featured two live installations curated by their new Director of Artist Relations, Andrew Wheeler, with creative direction from Andy Song. The first, an amusing black and white mural orchestrated by artist, Nathaniel Dam. On the first day of the trade show Dam had began his installation by carefully placing and lining up tape and perfectly covering empty spaces with black paint. The second day threw the Agenda crowd for a loop as the perfect lines and rectangles on Dam's installation were soon accompanied by the nonchalant, graffiti-styled words: "very rare steak." The collaboration of the two unique styles created a very distinct looking mural. Many of the trade shows attendees enjoyed watching the installation evolve between the two days, which I think had a very interesting affect on the overall live installation.

HY.GEN.IC's second installation featured a very different piece of art work. Sweet faced photographer, Sarina Saletta, stood smiling with her polaroid camera and asked passer by-ers if they'd like their photograph taken. Right as she snapped photos she would ask strange or uncomfortable questions to her subjects which resulted in very interesting reactions and looking photos. The installation she coined "The Reaction Project" featured ten of these personal weird questions and ten subjects per question resulting in one hundred very different photographs. It was a favorite amongst Agenda attendees and many had wished they had taken up Saletta on a photograph when she initially asked.

The HY.GEN.IC team had a great time supporting both Dam and Saletta. Check out some of their behind the scenes photos on their newly launched instagram.

Of course Agenda's main attraction is the street wear. I honestly have never seen so much swag in one place. My favorites were the wooden accessories like Shwood's wooden sunglasses and another brand that sold wooden iphone cases. I've recently fallen in love with Two Guys Wooden Bow Ties so I've really been noticing and into this wooden accessories trend starting. I'm also not really someone who normally wears hats, let alone snap backs, but Flexfit being a main sponsor for Agenda, I saw hundreds of caps and many that I wanted in my possession. There were also a lot of cool graphics, accessories, and apparel. I will be posting more photos from Agenda on my tumblr so stay tuned.

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