Fashion Week Hair by Fabio Scalia

I hate to admit it, but it's been a while since I treated my hair right. I was way over due for a cut and dye and my beautiful jew fro just looked like a giant puff of cray. This fashion week I decided that it was finally time for a change. I desperately needed a new look and wanted to make my mane the main attraction this season. Luckily, Fabio Scalia Salon heard my cry and came to the rescue just in time for fashion's most important week of the year.

Located in the charming Brooklyn Heights neighborhood, Fabio Scalia is an amazing hair salon with an incredibly talented staff and a mass of devoted clientele  The salon was founded by Italian born and internationally trained, Fabio Scalia in 2003. Scalia has worked at the best hair establishments in Europe, including Vidal Sassoon London, Jacques Dessange Paris, Monte Carlo and Aldo Coppola Milan, before he headed to the states where he was recruited by Laurent D. of the famed Prive Salon in Los Angeles. Later, in New York, he completed stints at the legendary Warren Tricomi and Jose Eber before debuting a salon of his own

The thing I love the most about Fabio Scalia salon is how incredibly friendly and understanding their stylists are. Upon entry I was offered a delicious cappachino and a consultation with both my hair stylist, Evelia and my colorist, Simone . For color, I decided that I would be brave and attempt colored tips. I chose to do a lovely lavender. Simone was fully supportive and very excited of my decision. For cut, I chose to simply layer my hair to accentuate my curls.

Before: Jew fro gone cray.

Simone decided to dye my hair back to my natural dark brown color, in order for the lavender tip to beautifully contrast with it. After putting in the dark dye she then braided pieces of my hair and dyed the ends of them lavender. She explained that this would result in an even dip dye for my curls.

Now a zoom in on my face after the dye was washed out. Evelia decided to cut my hair dry as I have curly hair and newly dip dyed ends and she wanted the whole look to be perfect. She used Oribe supershine light moisturizing cream and Oribe cream for styling before blowing out my hair to give it a shiny and healthy look. She then layered my hair, which is a better and fuller look for when I wear it curly.

Look at the smile. I love when people play with my newly cut and dyed pretty hair. 

The final result. Unfortunately, my hair kind of resisted the lavander dye so the tips came out a sort of blonde. However, I'm still really happy with the final product.

Thank you Simone and Evelia of Fabio Scalia for my new look! I absolutely love it and so did my fashion week cohorts. Special thanks again to Fabio Scalia Salon and Drew Clay for taking the photographs and putting this all together. I will definitely return soon!

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