Partying with Wildox FW13

I kicked off this season's New York Fashion Week with a bang, generously provided by the fun-loving Wildfox Couture crew. To present their autumn/winter 2013 collection, the popular Los Angeles based knitwear brand brought the party to Capitale in New York City's Chinatown neighborhood. The massive and elaborate space built in the 1800's by famed architect, Stanford White, was filled with hundreds of fashion industry persona excited to see the latest Wildfox collection and the Chairlift performance that promised to follow. I had a wonderful time and really enjoyed the collection and performance that evening. Here's a recap of the night's events:

Out of all of the fashion week shows and events I've been too this week this one was the only one that made me feel like I was at some sort of High School reunion. It seems like Wildfox may have invited the fashion masses to this one. I saw editors I used to intern for, stylists and makeup artists I've worked with, and even popular New York DJ's and promoters I've partied with. Obviously, that made it a really fun crowd. Spent a good portion of the night bumping into PMc Magazine's Jillian Mercado, makeup artist Te$$ Money and model and writer, Stella Rose (all pictured below). It was great seeing them!

Ran into some old friends, made some new ones. Those new friends are not the ladies pictured below. However, I did pull a little bit of a reaction project with Ashlee Simpson. That photograph was taken as I was asking her what it was like to make babies with a Fallout Boy. No comment on that one. Along with Ashlee Simpson and Victoria Justice was another Disney favorite, Vanessa Hudgens. People went cray for her.

Of course the reason we were all really there was for Wildfox's exciting autumn/winter 2013 collection. It was the funnest presentation of a collection I've seen all season. Models made up like 1920's flappers in Wildfox clothing dancing to jazz classics and drinking champagne. Everyone couldn't help but dance along with them. As for the collection it was just as fun- sparkling skirts, tops and dresses and Wildfox's usual clever t-shirts. I can't wait for it all to be released. I really loved it!

Last, but certainly not least was a highly anticipated performance by Chairlift. I love the easy going tunes of the band and sang happily along with them. It was a very intimate setting and I don't think I would ever gotten that close at one of their concerts. Overall, it was a great performance and a wonderful way to end a really fun event.

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