Swag by Hood by Air FW13

If you follow me on instagram then you've probably realized that I've taken a huge liking to menswear shows. It's not just because I've been backstage witnessing beautiful men getting undressed and then redressed in amazing clothing (although, that's most definitely a huuuuge plus), but more of the overall vibes that come with presenting a menswear collection. Backstage at Hood by Air, the guys knew how to have fun. Kanye West hits were bumping, we were rapping over him, and dancing to the beats. The models knew the job they had to do and did it well, but didn't take themselves so seriously and had a good time while doing it. Everything about the behind the scenes setting of the show was much more laid back then any womenswear show I've attended.

The actual show however was definitely to be taken quite seriously. The space in Milk Studios was packed and clamored in excitement. The models, although most were conventional, were joined by some interesting characters. Boychild, a completely white eyed, short, scary looking model walked down the runway multiple times having mini seizures in the royal blue lights and soft fog. Many models walked in pairs, sometimes more than once. The music was also solemn and powerful as was the crowds reaction to it all. The consistently cool collection, with it's interesting cuts and shapes was paired with full turbans, diamond earrings, and very feminine hairstyles and eye glitter. All of this together created a very interesting show and to close it properly, hip-hop star, A$AP Rocky, joined the show in it's finale- a surprise that no one saw coming. It was a very successful show and overall cool collection. I can't wait to see what Shayne Oliver conjures up for next season.

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