A Hit of Brynn Watkins, The Blogger behind Being/Elliott

Being an intern has more than just the obvious benefit. Along with the experience you'll be able to add to your resume, you have the opportunity to connect with fellow interns who likely share a similar career goal. Last summer, I interned in the fashion department of the internationally acclaimed fashion magazine, Harper's Bazaar. What I gained from that experience wasn't really related to developing skills, but instead gaining a new group of friends, whom I felt were some of the greatest and driven students in the fashion industry. One of them was Brynn Watkins, of the popular fashion blog, Being/Elliott. Since our time together at Harper's Bazaar I have consistently kept up with her blog and additional work in the fashion industry. She is definitely one exciting young woman. I picked her brain on all things fashion- how she got her blog started, her inspirations, and her plans for the future. She fills A Hit of Sarah in on what it's really like Being Elliott.

When did your interest in the fashion-world develop? 
When I was little, you could find me curled up taking in each image from the latest Vogue. Fashion seemed to always to be around in my life, influencing me one way or another. From my Chanel wearing Grandma Beth, to my affinity for dressing myself in head-to-toe leopard. Fashion caused my imagination to jump for joy and thus the interest flourished.

How did you get into blogging? Can you tell me a little bit about your work?
I needed an outlet to put my creative juices into, and blogging seemed like the perfect solution. I started Being/Elliott in 2010 and I have loved every minute of it since. I love interacting with my viewers and interviewing designers and creative minds in the industry. I love hearing all of their stories. I feel like it furthers my own story in a rich, fulfilling way. My work with Being/Elliott focuses on telling others about the amazing world of fashion and design out there. I want to give my readers inspiration and a smile everyday. I hope my viewers can sit back and read my blog when they are looking for an outlet for inspiration and self expression.

Where do you find inspiration? Do you follow other bloggers’ work? 
I love stories of adventure and valor. Traveling has also always been a huge influence. I love digesting a new culture and all that comes with it. I feel you can learn so much that way. As far as other bloggers, I love reading blogs that stray away from the norm and display fashion and design that is not always in the main-stream spotlight, such as Miss Moss and Tomboy Style

How would you describe your style? How has this style developed over time? 
I am a style chameleon. One day I will be 60's mod...and another day I will be a chic modernist. I like to have a diverse closet with both a perfect leather jacket and a lady-like dress. In my book you can never have too many options. My style has defiantly developed over time. I feel like I am influenced by elements of design every day that brings my style to another level. Style is always a continuing story for me.

What type of work are you interested in pursuing a career in, in the fashion industry? 
My dream job would be to work as an Accessories Director for a prominent publication. In the past few years I have developed a love affair with jewelry and the whole process of its immaculate construction. I feel like there is so much talent in the jewelry industry right now and I would love to help get their breathtakingly beautiful designs out in the public eye.

How did you go about getting your job at Lolo Magazine? 
I think a lot of jobs in the fashion industry come from boldly putting yourself out there and developing great connections. My job as a Fashion Writer for Lolo came from utilizing both of those elements.

What are you looking forward too – professionally or personally? 
Professionally, I am looking forward to making my permanent move to the fabulous New York City this summer to continue my career in fashion. Personally, I am looking forward to continuing my work with Being/Elliott. I have some exciting collaborations coming up :) · 

What advice would you give to those interested in breaking into the fashion industry? 
Be bold. Be professional. Be nice. If you present yourself in these three ways they will not be able to resist your charm. Remember to be nice to everyone, because you never know who is connected with who.

photos courtesy of Brynn Watkins

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